Hyvee is one of the locals’ favorite places in Sioux Falls. The grocery store is known not just for their amazing groceries…but catering, florists, wedding cakes, and beer & wine..and the list goes on!

But Hyvee in Sioux Falls isn’t just loved for their food. They have great customer service, and are always looking to help out. Jessica from Sioux Falls says, “The meat department went the extra mile and helped me pick out the perfect beef and then sliced it thinly so I could use it for stir fry!”

Another local, a mom named Lacey, just found out her son is allergic to milk. She said the staff at Hyvee really helped when she revamped her kitchen to a dairy free zone. “They were handing out chocolate to the kids in the store, and my son was so upset.” The employee offered a banana to the 3-year old instead! “The rest of the shop- ping was much easier…I could take my time and make sure I could find milk-free food!” she says.

Sioux Falls locals can be sure to find kind and caring people at any of the Hyvee locations. Keep up the good work, Hyvee!


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