Karl’s TV Audio Appliance & Furniture

Karl’s TV Audio Appliance & Furniture has been in business since 1956 and boasts of their “old fashioned customer service.” This must be one of the reasons Sioux Falls locals have chosen them to be #1 in Household Appliances for 15 years straight!

Heather, a Sioux Falls local, describes her experience with Karl’s: “After having terrible experiences with appliances from a local big box store, I was worried about trying Karl’s. But my experience was so pleasant, I wish I had gone to them first! The sales associate answered all of my questions, checked measurements, and gave me the best price possible. They even had a better warranty plan than their competitors!” The installers had Heather’s new dishwasher, washer, and dryer set up in a jiffy. “They were polite, careful, walked me through the features, and made sure the appliances operated before they left,” continues Heather.

The next time you need to purchase your dream refrigerator or repair your fussy washer and dryer…Karl’s should be your first stop. They have been a Local Best for 15 years, so they are experienced in making their customers happy!


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