Lloyd Companies

Sioux Falls locals say that Lloyd Companies is the best when it comes to Property Management and Rental Properties. Kylie, a Sioux Falls local, had a great experience with Lloyd. “We love living in a town home!” she gushes. “The office staff is friendly and maintenance comes the same day we call. They always leave a friendly note explaining what they did. We can tell that they care for us and our puppy too!”

Lloyd companies may have been voted #1 in Property Management and Rental Properties, but that’s not all they do. Lloyd also specialize in development planning, real estate, and construction. Elizabeth, who lived in a Lloyd Company apartment, chose to go through Lloyd Company Real Estate to purchase her first home. “Their customer service does not compare to any other company in town. Their team is friendly, experienced and as a lot of knowledge of the Sioux Falls community!” It’s amazing when a company does so well, their customers want to use their services again and again. That’s why they are voted #1 for 15 years in a row!


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