Merry Maids

Every homeowner knows that having a clean house is one of the best things in the world! The only problem is… having a clean house takes a lot of time and effort. Merry Maids knows this. They want to give their customers back the time they would normally use cleaning to use to do something they love. This mission must be why Merry Maids has been the #1 place to go to for House Cleaning for the past 15 years.

Lisa, a Sioux Falls local, had her first service with Merry Maids. “The house looks and smells just wonderful. When I crossed paths with the cleaners….they were all so nice! We’re very happy that we chose Merry Maids.” Jon, another local, had the same experience. “The cleaners introduced themselves and asked what I wanted cleaned. Before they left, we walked through together to make sure we were both on the same page.” Now that Lisa and Jon put their trust in the capable hands of Merry Maids, they get to do the things they love!


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