If you are feeling fancy, planning a date, or celebrating a birthday, Minervas has been the best place for Fine Dining for 15 years in a row. The downtown location is a perfect ambiance for any occasion, especially with the outdoor patio.

Why has it been voted the best? Well word has it that the salad bar is the best in town, the food and drinks surpasses expectations, and the staff is professional and prompt. Katy really appreciated the friendly service at Minervas. “One of them saw us struggling with our parking meter and told us parking was free after work hours. I asked what the dress code was, and he responded with ‘just come on in!’ As a result, we had a great time!”

But sometimes, even the best restaurant doesn’t get it perfect every night. Scott and his wife came in on a very busy and long day. “Our experience was not the best. After visiting with the manager, our meal was comped… without us asking,” he says. “That is why we will always be huge fans of Minervas, and will always recommend this restaurant to our friends and return again and again. Thank you!”


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