Scheels All Sports

For locals who love sports, outdoors, and shoes…Scheels is the best place to go. They have won #1 for 15 solid years for Footwear, Men’s Hobbies and Sporting Goods.

Even though Scheels’ products are top notch, what really shines above everything else is the customer service. “The staff is incredibly helpful!” confirms Catherine, who was shopping in the camping department. “Our sales- man gave us honest information about every tent and sleeping bag, pros and cons, and shared his personal expe- riences. He gave us adequate information to get the right supplies.” Kathy agrees. “The staff is always professional and smiling. Glad they take the time to hire and train good people!”

Thanks, Scheels. Because of you, we are well equipped for our outdoor adventures, stylish in our shoes, and ready for the game.


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