Thornton Flooring

Haley was in the middle of remodeling her house when they were shopping flooring in Sioux Falls. “The quality at Thornton’s Flooring is definitely top notch,” she says. “They guided us in the right direction and helped us pick out the best flooring for our needs. From service to installation, Thornton’s was always excellent!” Haley’s praise comes at no surprise, because Thornton’s has been voted the best flooring store in Sioux Falls for 15 years.

Another Sioux Falls local, Tarah, was needing carpet for her basement and wanted the carpet to match with her interior design. Fortunately, Thornton’s keeps up with all the recent styles. “It is rare to find companies that un- derstand how important the process is from the first time we are greeted until the flooring is installed. Thorton’s has made us very happy!” The installers even vacuumed when they were finished. As a mom of a toddler, that meant a lot to Tarah.

Next time you need a remodel or flooring advice, go to Thornton’s. You can trust their sales representatives’ opinions, and the installers skills! That’s why they have been one of the best for 15 years.


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