Frisbee Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electrical

Frisbee Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electrical is one of the few Local Best places to not only be voted #1 one category…but two! Sioux Falls locals think Frisbees has the best service for Plumbing AND Heating & Cooling.

Something that makes Frisbee outshine all the rest is their promise that “integrity is never compromised.” Katie, a local, can vouch for this.

“Our water heater broke and I had a tech in my house ready to replace it. He looked it over and saw it was still under warranty. Instead of selling me a new one, he told me about the warranty and got the free replacement.” Turns out, whenever you purchase any equipment from Frisbees, they provide a one year warranty. That came in handy for Katie! “They also provided transport for the new one to my house and installed it that day,” she contin- ues. “I will always use Frisbee in the future!”

Well done, Frisbee. Thanks for keeping an eye on our heaters in cold winters, keeping us cool in the summer, and maintaining our plumbing. It’s amazing that Frisbee is the #1 go to for all your housing needs!


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